Toyota 22R or 22REC 2.4L Engine Long Block: A Reliable Choice

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Toyota 22R or 22REC WITH NEW HEAD 1985-1995

with timing cover

Pear shaped Exhaust manifold ports
Description of long blocks.

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Overview of the Toyota 22R/22REC Engine

The Toyota 22R and 22REC 2.4L engines are renowned for their reliability and performance. These engines have been a staple for Toyota vehicles, particularly in the pickup and 4Runner models, offering a durable and efficient option for drivers.

Key Features of the 22R/22REC Long Block

The long block configuration of the Toyota 22R or 22REC engine includes essential components such as the cylinder block, cylinder head, camshaft, and crankshaft. This setup ensures that the engine is nearly complete, requiring minimal additional parts for installation. The robust design contributes to the engine’s longevity and consistent performance.

Benefits of Choosing the 22R/22REC Engine

Opting for the Toyota 22R or 22REC 2.4L engine long block provides several advantages. It simplifies the replacement process, saving time and effort. Additionally, its proven track record of reliability makes it a preferred choice for many vehicle owners. The engine’s compatibility with various Toyota models further adds to its appeal.